Office of GT company which deals with trading and transit of liquefied hydrocarbon kinds of gas. The aim was to create a new office for the expanded company.
Our task was to reflect the specifics of the company, to organize workplaces, to create lounge-zones, meeting-rooms, a place for active recreation, kitchen.

We must organize easy-to-understand navigation. The task of the navigation plays partly the yellow tube on the ceiling which shows the main direction of the movement of people. Also the yellow color has a strong assossiation with gas.
The building has the curved façade which dictates the decision to make two-wings planning – one wing is a working space, another is a relaxing part. Working zone is created as an open space with big green lounge place inside.
The total area is 989 sq.m.
It is situated in the modern building in the historical part of Kiev.
The project was led by the owner of AVG group of companies Andrey Voitko. The leading designer is Anna Jakubovskaya. The designer is Dmitriy Drobotun. The architect is Dmitriy Stoljarov. The furniture and accessories are by HIS, office-planning. The kitchen was made by Telsar.
There are paintings by the Ukrainian artists Oleg Tistol and Vinny Revynov.
The photographer is Andrey Avdeenko.

Near the entrance there is a perforated wall which shows the ornaments of the different regions of the Ukraine. It combines two functions – decorative and technical because these walls hide the doors to the technical space.
The furniture and accessories are by HIS, office-planning. The kitchen was made by Telsar.
The main inspiration was the past and modern culture of Ukraine.

The owners and the people who work there like the possibilities which the spice provide them. They like to work in flexible conditions that’s why they appreciate the green zone and the sport facilities in the office. The project has won the first prize in the international competition OfficeNext 2018 in the nomination The Best Foreign Project.

  • Interior Designer: AVG group of companies
  • Photographer: Andrey Avdeenko

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