Happy Chic Group
Design by BMB Workplace Design

Location: Shanghai, China
Area: 1,200 square meters
Building: Yunhai Office Tower

Interior Design for the office of the Happy Chic Group in Shanghai. An interesting work for the French Fashion Design company and their headquarters in China

The key objective of the project was to consolidate the 5 different offices of the client into a single space, bringing a total optimization of resources and understanding the key differences for each of this teams. The solution is a sharp, clean, bright and visually attractive environment that will give a clear and specific character to the office.

The direction of the project was focused on solving the technical difficulties given by the new location. The challenges became a design opportunity that is clearly visible in the full utilization of natural light resources, and clean and clear environments

The visual impact of the space has been received in a positive way by visitors and the client. The impact of removing all the unnecessary elements, and creating a bright and clear environment was key in the positive feedback from the users,

  • Interior Designer: BMB Workplace Design

Posted by Jaime Daza

Interior Design & Workplace Strategy Shanghai, China info@bmbworkplace.com www.bmbworkplace.com

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