The design concept and name of this Love Hotel, done by DIN interiorismo´s team, derives from its location in Texcoco municipality and the famous international horse fair that is celebrated here since 1978. The name iPico plays with the word that indicates reference to everything related to the horse and a funny double meaning in Spanish that makes a rogue recall towards the objective of visiting the hotel.

Another element used as part of the concept for the interior design are the illustrations from the famous weekly publication: El Libro Vaquero (The Cowboy Book), which happened to start being published in the same year of the fair, consequently were considered as an ideal element to integrate the old wild west with a very Mexican flavor.

The color palette used comes from the tones used in the illustrations that were used as murals and details for the decoration of the rooms. A mixture of colors green, orange, earth shades and wood finishes to reach a full and complete atmosphere.

3 main playful interactive experiences were designed for this project. The first one is a concave circle built in the headboard with space for a couple to fit in the interior and experience with the support of the tubes installed on both sides.

The second one is a Foreplaydome inside of the shower made of a solid surface inspired in the saddle that resulted in a very pleasant silhouette. The third (but not last because imagination is ample) is another playful experience with the form of a saddle that can be used as Foreplaydome or space for enjoying a snack, as it has a table that may be removed according to the activity.

The suites have all the elements and motives of the standard room, which are complemented with other amenities making the most of the biggest area. They have jacuzzi and a mechanical bull that provoke the guests towards this innovating choice.

Posted by Aurelio Vazquez

For 29 years designing spaces and interior architecture has been DIN interiorismo specialty. They are located in Mexico City and their projects are distributed in the main states of the Mexican Republic and some countries in the world. All the projects they design are the result of the right combination between creativity, functionality, originality, innovation and quality. With the support of a large multidisciplinary team they shape aesthetic and functional spaces for life, work and business in which the personality and particular needs that each one require stand out. Interior designers, architects, designers, construction professionals, graphic design and all the disciplines that are necessary are continuously added to develop the best project for their clients. They develop projects in the following specialties: residential, commercial, corporate, hotels and services. For DIN interiorismo clients are unique and it is unquestionable to respect the personality, needs and goals of their spaces supporting the alternatives and solutions presented from an integral perspective.

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