This is my personal project designed to improve my artistic and CGI skills. I’ve always loved LOFT style interior design because of its modern and fresh look and also for a unique blend of sentiments.On one side it’s a rough industrial look and on other is home cosiness.

The main goal was to achieve connection between rough industrial look and home cosiness.I wanted that a person who was in this interior would feel not squeezed by the limited space of an ordinary city apartment but feel a lot of freedom and at the same time felt comfortable.Also, I sought to improve my 3d artist skills, so loft design was a perfect choice because it implies a work with complex materials.This project provided a lot of challenges to me and my working PC.

I’ve been inspired loft designs I’ve seen on the web. There was a plenty of variation between colours, furniture, materials and overall mood. I wanted to make some warm and comfortable mood but keep overall industrial look so I’ve picked rough red bricks and warm brown floor planks.To get a good contrast in red place I’ve picked a darkish blue sofa and black scratched metal for windowsills, picture frame and chandelier.

I’ve learned a lot from this project, but the main things are combining such different elements like industrial look and house cosiness.Also, I’ve learned many technicians nuances of complex scene workflow like correctly adding a background.I’ve failed to find a good background to my interior scene on the web, so I’ve decided to make it fully 3d.It took some effort to find correct architecture and materials what would the background correspond to the interior.

  • Interior Designer: Roman Kolyada
  • Architectural Visualizer: Roman Kolyada

Posted by Roman Kolyada

My name is Roman Kolyada and I'm a 3d artist and interior design enthusiast. Creating CG images of beautiful architecture design is my life PASSION and I want to share my passion with my clients through my works. I have a rich skill in scene modeling, light setup, and shading. In every my work, I'm trying to fill it with life and emotions so you can breathe the mood of your design project.

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