Jungle on the heights is a personal project that I started a few days ago, embodying one of my ideas of how to have a sanctuary at home, where you can escape the routine by choosing the terrace as a perfect place to relax.

It is a personal non-profit project initiated to expand my design skills, improve the use of the programs that are my working tools and keep creativity active. I have chosen to design one of my favorite spaces in a house, the terrace, where you can feel free and observe your surroundings.

The bohemian style of the project is based on capturing the free and adventurous spirit that represents those people who delight in simple things, such as contact with nature. It is a quite loose and casual style where natural materials were used such as wood, stone, wicker and plants who stand out as protagonists.

As a personal touch I could not miss an ethnic vibe, which is always present in my projects, due to my Amazonian roots in the Peruvian jungle, whose aesthetics are very close to he earth, nature and local culture.

From my point of view, spaces must be created in such a way that they serve as a complement, without overwhelming the view, always putting the surrounding landscape in the foreground, be it this jungle, mountains, beach, countryside or even the city.

  • Interior Designer: Valeria Portocarrero

Posted by Valeria Flores Portocarrero

Interior Designer graduated from the Institute of Design, Toulouse Lautrec, Peru. Lover of art and design as a magnificent way of express my vision and that of others creating.

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