This design project features a 1930s apartment, refreshed to beautifully accommodate two personalities, a Brooklyn couple who made the move to a shared 1 bedroom. This project starts by cooling down the walls providing a delightful juxtaposition to the exposed brick fireplace. Next, we focused on sleek and modern hardware as shown in the wall sconces and pendant lighting. To bring functionality and organization to this couples’ space, we sourced larger pieces of furniture that provided elegant yet accessible storage solutions. We mixed and matched furniture pieces, allowing us to maximize the unique nooks within the apartment while being on point aesthetically. The blend of Mid-Century Modern furniture, Scandinavian elements, and even Bohemian through the various use of texture, layered linens, and patterns allowed us to delight both partners and create one happy home.

This project was for a couple moving in together, for the first time. Their goal was to have both personal aesthetics captured in the redesign and most importantly create an open flow, with functional pieces of furniture as well as concealed storage solutions.

We worked 1:1 reviewing various styles of furniture to eventually understand the overall aesthetic and what pieces would be most exciting to our clients. When we landed on the Scandinavian meets Boho meets Mid-Century Modern “look,” we used sources such as Houzz, Domino, as well as design catalogs from relevant vendors for our inspiration.

We have received tons of positive feedback from this project, especially support from other couples or newlyweds who are going through this “design challenge.” This project illustrates the success, from an outcomes and experience perspective, of working with a designer that specializes in merging aesthetics and has wide ranging relationship skills – the ability to listen, empathize, mediate, and gain support to ultimately drive results for couples.

  • Interior Designer: Alicia Hassen
  • Interior Designer: Brooklinteriors

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Brooklinteriors launched in 2019 by Founder and Interior Designer Alicia Hassen. Brooklinteriors is a full-service Interior Design Company offering approachable and accessible design options for Brooklyn residents from room refreshes to complete home redesigns. Alicia’s specialty areas are designing for couples, warming up & personalizing new construction, and refreshing 19th century brownstone interiors. Alicia prides herself on integrity, creating a results-based pricing model that gives clients peace of mind knowing their designer has zero conflicts of interest. Alicia is dedicated to delivering a fully completed project that absolutely wows her clients while offering exclusive savings in the process!

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