The design was taken on purely functional and aesthetic grounds. The basic geometric elements of this configuration are combined to fit the function of this space. Appropriate materials were used to suit the stressful and repetitive nature of the work. When these elements are combined, the design becomes consistent. Special . Beautifully functional

The purely goal of the design is to develop modernity and out of the ordinary to take advantage of shape functionally and aesthetically The main purpose of the design is to demonstrate the use of the right cladding material in the right place to suit the stressful location function

The use of metal is intended to be effortless and effective due to the nature of the place used. It can be said that it provides beauty and sophistication and can be easily formed, especially that it is of stainless steel and the choice of pink color has the right in this design to create a wonderful exquisite atmosphere and the neutral colors of the rest of the design to fit the vitality of the cladding material and spontaneity

Attracting people towards such an unconventional design explained to me that the design world always needs to develop as ideas and materials to suit global development so I have this design obsession so that there is always a variety of materials cladding and visual nutrition in order to accumulate these ideas to collect them and appear unique designs that we can say about them as a combination of Modern decor

  • Interior Designer: Yasser ja’ara
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