The kitchen in the classical style is good because it never goes out of fashion, it is cozy, functional and, if necessary, adapts well to any stylistic changes. Classical style is adjusted proportions, clear straight lines, observance of symmetry. It means using only natural, environmentally friendly materials, so the embodiment of the design will cost the owners not cheap, but the kitchen faithfully and truthfully will last for many years.

The owners of the kitchen are elderly people who love coziness, who appreciate traditions. In addition, the wishes of the owners were the use of environmental materials, the functionality of space. When choosing a color scheme, the owners stopped in natural shades and colors.

Symmetry of lines, elegant forms, restrained colors – these are the main features of the classical style. This design will give the kitchen an aristocratic look, making it an example of harmony and purity. Accurate and practical, the classic is ideal for decorating small kitchens. If you use high-quality materials, as well as reliable furniture, you can forget about the next repair for a long time, because the kitchen in the classical style never goes out of fashion.

Thinking about the kitchen in a classic style, remember that this style does not tolerate haste and fuss. Each element of this style should be “in place”, so only in this case the design will be able to show the whole spectrum of its concept.

  • Architect: Julia Ostroukh

Posted by Julia Ostroukh

-Development of project documentation in the field of low-rise private construction. -Replacing projects for apartment redevelopment. -Development of working drawings for interior design. -Visualization of exteriors and interiors. -Participant of the contest "art-ravine" 2018.

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