This kids room is designed for a child which age varies from 3 to 10 years of age. The room is designed in a classic style. The goal was to create a delicate and cozy space for a little girl.

The goal was to create a delicate and cozy space for the child. Room for a girl 4 years old. The main desire was a lot of light, space, refinement and elegance. A welcoming space that allows one to feel free to create and evolve oneself.

The customer’s desire was to create a fairy tale for a little girl. That is why light pastel colors, classic light furniture and décor were used. This design is undoubtedly inspired by a collection of furniture, their unique design.

Customers appreciated the project very positively and accepted all the proposals. People love children and what brings comfort, so this project was well succeed mainly because the main stakeholders loved it. The main objective was achieved, meeting the needs and expectations of users of this space.

  • Interior Designer: Khrystyna Schtenevych
  • Architect: Khrystyna Schtenevych

Posted by Khrystyna Schtenevych

An architect, interior designer and a 3D artist with multiple years of experience in the field of architectural visualization. I am a graduate of Lviv Politechnic.

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