In this renovation the concept of open space was sought, eliminating the divisions for each room making a single environment, which generated more visual space with more harmony, highlighting earth colors, using wood and stone cladding, for a more elegant style with a rustic touch. When the walls were demolished, there was an open space with large dimensions, so a slope was made, so as to cut with the monotony of the space, as a final touch an internal planter in order to integrate green and freshness into the home.

This project was made to a family with the purpose of renovating the common areas of the house, the idea was to eliminate the internal divisions and thus take advantage of the best way the dimensions of the house, using the concept of a single environment, generating an open space with a wider and more pleasant perception.

When speaking with the client, he was not clear on which style to decide, he had in mind two variants, one elegant and modern, the other a more rustic country style, so I decided to unite both, resulting in the use of sober colors, Materials such as wood and stone, as well as the correct use of lighting, following the same pattern in all environments.

Thanks to the indecision of the client, the inspiration came to me to unite both styles with the use of said materials and colors.

I have learned to classify the requirements of the client to carry out the design, taking into account external references such as internet and magazines, as well as my own opinion, until getting what was expected, my tip in all this is to know how to filter what the client wants more our own criteria to get a nice project and finally have a good response from everyone.

  • Architect: Oscar Goncalves
  • Architect: Victor Hurtado

Posted by Oscar Goncalves

I am an architect graduated in Venezuela in 2015, I worked in 2 different architecture offices, starting from very early when I was just studying the third semester of the career, that experience allowed me to work independently in my country, creating projects of all kinds going on for the design of interiors, furniture to buildings. In 2017 I decided to come to Germany, where I now live and work in what I love the most: Architecture.

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