The common space is a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, decorated as concisely as possible, but not very simply. The main desire of the customer was to make a double-sided fireplace and use veneered MDF. In the quality of the accent color was used green on the walls, in furniture and in the form of living plants.

The main materials. Village MDF panels, concrete countertops, green paint.

The main wish of the customer was the use of natural materials. The main task was to combine a space of 80 square meters by smoothly flowing zones. As a result, it was divided into 3 zones, which have different functional purposes, but they are visually combined into one.

When discussing this concept of the interior, the word “minimalism” and “nature” was uttered. As a consequence, nature was the main source of inspiration. After all, in nature everything is quite simple at first glance, but at the same time is maximally filled with meaning and functionality.

As a result, the customer saw a project filled with meaning, which he was trying to convey. You can sum up and say that the project turned out to be quite interesting. When working on this project, I got great pleasure and experience.

  • Interior Designer: Alexander Barchan

Posted by Alexander Barchan

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