Quick personal project inspired by Norm Architects, I made this project to test corona render for the first time and from now i will use corona only

The style i tried to simulate is old minimal style to give the design elegant atmosphere

I made this project in 2 days to test corona render for the first time so it is a quick personal project, I tried to find some thing interesting, simple and modern on the internet to get inspired

Once I decided my goal every thing getting easier, I found a lot interesting things i mixed some ideas to get final design

I used many references to make this design but the main source from Norm Architects, It is minimal old style with Flexform sofa, Norr11 chair, ZERO lighting and some accessories from Menu and Norm

The simplicity with white walls, wood floors and minimal furniture made the unique atmosphere

On social media i received a lot project appreciation and positive comments specially on Instagram

As a simple project i don’t have a lot to say but i learned a small thing from this design and it is also a tip for other designer, I should have one line, one spirit and one character in my designs like all big names in design and i will work on that

  • Interior Designer: Amr Moussa

Posted by Amr Moussa

I am RIBA certified Architect with more than 4 years experience in architectural/interior design and 3D visualization.

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