A brief snapshot of a set of furniture for a living room, in a more classic style.

The brown leather was used as the main element in the set, the rectangular coffee table and the support lamp serve as cutting elements due to their lines and colors.

The large picture on the back wall raises the height of the room and centers the pieces.

The polished concrete floor creates an atmosphere of pure architecture, stripped of decorative elements.

The presentation of furniture for a room must be stripped of other elements that may take the observer away from what is important to present.

This way, a white box was created all around, in which the only element present in the project was the polished concrete floor.

The pieces of furniture are presented and centered on each 3D image according to an overall view down to the details of the decorative elements that make up the set.

Leather is a texture that takes any piece of furniture to another level.

One thing that never goes out of style is leather. In addition to combining everything, the material makes the environment more cozy, retro and with a more classic or more modern look. It just depends on your style, if it is combined with wood or with fabrics it provides a more contemporary and modern look to the environment. Its use can bring feelings of warmth and refinement, transforming the space with personality and sophistication.

Leather is one of the most versatile products, the material stands out for its high durability and becomes more attractive in space when used elegantly, without exaggeration

The reception from the client and everyone who sees the project is very positive.

The elements presented create a balanced image.

It was necessary to think a little out of the box for this project and understand that more than presenting the pieces within the space, it is sometimes necessary to isolate these same components and highlight them to better understand the dynamics of each one.

Posted by Daniel Mendes

Self-Learning 3D artist. Always looking for something new and exciting to learn. I love interior design, and i work in portugal, for some real estate agents and architects, to turn their visions into life. What is my work flow ? For modeling all the enviorement i use two 3D modeling softwares: Sketchup Pro 2019 / 3D Studio Max 2019 For rendering i use Lumion Pro version 10 and also Corona Render. For texturing i use Mixer or Quixel depending of what the scene needs. For post production i use Photoshop If you have any specific questions about this programs please feel free to ask.

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