Living room visualization is located in the heart of the West Village. She executed in modern style that rarely does without plenty of panoramic windows. Living room visualization did not become an exception; therefore, future lodgers will be able to enjoy kinds on Hudson, parks and high building of New York.

Autumn colors give the room coziness and tranquility. At living room visualization, you can see that the room is spacious enough. Also in the room are good contrasting colors. The walls are paint in apricot blossom.

You can also notice that there is no skirting in the room. Skirting begin to go out of fashion modern design. The floor is made of dark wood. The carpet looks very good on the floor, creating a resemblance to the floor in color and at the same time making a contrast in the room. On the carpet, the designer arranged a small dining table made of glass. There are also four gorgeous chairs made of velvet orange material. The legs of the chair are decorate in two colors: black and gold.

Of course, it is impossible not to pay attention to the modern chandelier also made in black-and-gold color. Golden color gives the luxury interior.

Opposite the table on the wall hangs a large picture with unusual drawings. It is also place in a black frame, which separates it well from the wall.

In one corner, we see a big flower, the perfect complement interior.

Also on the Living room visualization, you see a large panoramic window. Along the edges of the curtains in dark gray. Near the window, the designer placed two modern armchairs in gray color from velour fabric. Between them, there is a coffee table in golden color. From the window offers a stunning view. Sitting near you can read your favorite books, as well as watch the beautiful view and plunge into your dreams.

Studio visualization VisAvj will incarnate visualization of interior of your dream in life.


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