Project: WizeLine Company Office
Location: Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City
Design by: Win Architects
Work scopes: Interior design & build
Finished year: 2018
Owner: Wizeline Product Development & Design.

Office is to work, it is obvious, because no one paid to you play. But with these utilities for the office staff Wizeline, we again see seems to have no boundaries between play and work. Surely this must come from a thought “other” managers of this office! Wizeline is a global technology company from Mexico, specializes in developing software to help solve difficult design and engineering in many fields. Wizeline staff of engineers from many different countries, the nature of work of IT engineers are also quite a lot of pressure. Therefore, the design team started post office is now getting to create a bold space to relax, help reduce pressure for employees to bring about positive job performance.

This project for Wizeline Company, a global product development company.
Wizeline was founded on 2014 to help companies get better products to market faster by using data to algorithmically prioritize features in product roadmaps. In time, we also found that it was important to also provide teams of engineers to fast-track the development of new technologies and products. Today, Wizeline is over 300 employees worldwide and we work with companies like Nike, Dow Jones, Dover, 21st Century Fox and many more to develop and deliver innovative products.

Threads are: a comfortable space, dynamic, playful to employees so relaxing!

Initially the assignment is “localization” to specific regions of Vietnam be included in the maximum exploitation: rattan chairs, lamps, fishing baskets, bamboo walls, inspired terraces, … But after which require “global” to the staff travel to any country see also familiar as “my home”. The WIN Architects has done: follow guides, inclusive but not dissolved, still the hallmark of several cities of the country, but also the image of Ho Chi Minh City: peaceful, hospitable and willing to innovate !

” We finally moved into our new office and it is AMAZING! We are so excited to be here! Thanks to our team who worked really hard to make this a reality. Great things coming for Wizeline Vietnam!”

– Wizeline Team –

  • Interior Designer: Win Architects

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