I have kept in mind the white and blue favorite colors of the client for this space and have incorporated mostly white veneer for all the panelling and furniture. There is an original partition made up of rosegold with lotus flowers encasing glass with golden glass stickers. The lotus is the main design element of the entire space and the theme can be seen all over the open space. Since the living space is a formal seating area, the walls are panelled in bar code pattern with veneer and mirror. The sofa is a luxurious comfortable piece in white fabric with extended parts to keep trays, etc. The Tv wall is soaked in a royal blue paint with the lotus motif as a stand out piece.The informal seating is more cozy and warm with a veneer and wallpaper panelling from Nilaya. The sofa is a combination of the living room piece and the dining set, with cushions is ethnic prints. The informal seating leads to the mandir spac. The placement and design has been made to keep in mind the early rays of the sun to filter the room through the mandir.

Indian clients always want a blend of modern and ethnic style for interiors. My client wanted an original design for her living space. The goal was to make individual spaces – formal living, informal seating, mandir and dining and keep the design harmonious without being overboard or too different from one another.

I did some research and understood that there needs to be a common element for the entire space without making it too overboard. The partition is present in all the sections and could be the perfect link between these diversified spaces. The client loves the color white and blue. I have tried to keep the same hues in the formal living and dining but for the ethnic section I wanted a blast of a contrasting color so I used a very ethnic wallpaper for that area. For the materials I used veneer and rose-gold metal mostly for the furniture and fabric and leather for the sofa sets. The inspiration for the lotus partition came from an embroidery hoopla in pinterest. Initially the lotus was going to be a petal but I realised it didn’t make such an impact and after a few research and options I decided to go ahead with the lotus design.

The client has accepted the design without any changes which is the highlight of the entire project. I have posted this design in my social media account and the response has been tremendous. I am sure people will be inspired by this design and will be using the thought in their designs.

Posted by Divya Baranwal

I have been into art ever since I was a kid. My textbooks would be filled up with designs rather than formulas. I have done a course in Animation and visual effects from MAAC and I joined an interior firm in Kolkata, soon after. After two years i moved to Mumbai and am pesently working in an architectural and interior firm as a 3D Visualiser. I have developed my skills in 3ds max, Vray, Adobe Photoshop and Autocad over the years. I have made 3D views for clients like TAJ, Four Point by Sheraton and residential projects for influential people. I'm a self-motivated, enthusiastic, challenge-seeking addict.

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