I usually take my inspiration from paintings while designing an interior and for this project I chose “Gathering” as it was clients favorite.
Giving a character to a space is very essential so that it gives the client a sense of belonging.This concept was the gathering of darkness through monochromatic colours and other design elements that helps him to focus.

A friend of mine in England who works in secret services was moving into a new apartment and wanted it to be designed according to his personality. We had a little chat and he told me what he wants so I asked him any painting that he really like and he send me “Gathering”

It’s a painting called “Gathering”.Once it was selected I started looking for materials like texture paints that i used on the ceiling to give a shuttering effect then we had a custom made bed and complimenting wardrobe. It was hard to find a dark polished wooden floor though.

Received alot of appreciation from everyone. What made me most content was my friends reaction to it as he was extremely pleased by my design and how accurately I have interpreted his persona into his room interior.
Remember whenever you design try not to use many colours as it mostly ends up in a disaster.

  • Interior Designer: Muhammad Usman

Posted by Muhammad Usman

I am an Interior Architecture Graduate from University of Bedfordshire England and been working as a Project interior Architect and Designer for the past two and half year. As a designer I visualise everything in black and white and believe that there is nothing more pure than these two colours.

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