M3_02 is a project of single family apartment. The main aim was to create an interior divided into two spaces: living zone including day room, kitchen and dinning room – open for everyone, and private space – bedroom with open closet, situated in the separate part of the apartment
Entire interior is dominated by light colours with elements of green tones which refer to the garden behind extensive glazing

The project was designed for a young couple who love modern and minimalistic interiors.
The plan was to create an interior which will be spacious and will seemed to be bigger than acctualy is. This aspect determined us to create one living space area which includes day room, kitchen, dinning room.

It was reference to changing trends in design which are entering pastel colours to clean and simple interiors.
One of the source from which inspirations were taken were interior design magazines.
Although the key aspect of the interior final appearance was an interview with customers who pointed their tastes.

The project met with a positive opinion mainly because of the colours.
Nowadays people get a little bit tired of monohrome interiors and entering more extravagant colours or furnitures to the inside makes the interior becames more individual with which new owners can identify. The whole idea is completed by abstract paintings by Benson Cobb and Christian Hetzel.

  • Interior Designer: Agnieszka Marciniak
  • Official website: http://am-home.pl/
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amhome.amhome
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amhome.amhome
  • Paintings: Christian Hetzel, Benson Cobb

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am.home is an interior design office based in Poland. The main idea of ​​our interiors is minimal design. It is a combination of simple and clear forms with extravagant furnitures or colors. am.home specializes in private and commercial interiors.

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