This was a test for a company that I had to go through in order to show my skills as a designer and visual artist. The assignment was with the premise of no budget limits, using natural materials and showing passion for interior design. And so I liked it so much I decided to put it in my portfolio even though it’s a concept design.

The goal of the project was to test my skills in design and visualization in order to get the position of interior designer. It was a really interesting project to do since I wasn’t held back by the budget and made decisions that I couldn’t make on other projects.

I based it on another design that said company developed and tried to put my own vision into it.
Calm color palette with little ethnic accents and couple of bold design choices not limited by the budget are what make this project stand out for me.

It got the job done and I’ve learned that I can design and visualize a room in less than two days.
I got approached by couple of companies to publish my work on their websites. Also the main tip is to not be afraid of your decisions and not be afraid to change them if they don’t work.

  • Interior Designer: Maksim Mironov
  • Furniture designer: Roman Protopopov

Posted by Maksim Mironov

Architect, sculptor, 3d visualizer

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  1. I love that door made from live edge wood


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