A master bedroom, designed in a mid-century modern style. Half hexagon window area is utilized with a window seat for a relaxing experience. Now because the dressing room is seperated, the master bedroom feels more spacious with the beautiful daylight. Bedhead feature wall design also brings a contrasting touch to the space, combining mid-century and modern styles even furhter.

This project was for a young couple who wanted to renovate their bedroom with a style combination of old and new. Their goal was to have a spacious bedroom with a sepearate dressing room compared to their previous cramped bedroom.

I decided to bring modern and mid century style together for a cozy master bedroom with the touch of wood and complementary colors. To balance two styles, I wanted the bedhead feature wall to stand out from the rest with a modern aesthetic.

Bringing two different styles from two different time periods into one can be challenging and I learned once again that it is important to balance them just right to work together harmoniously. The clients also really liked their new, sleek, “mid-century modern” master bedroom.

  • Interior Designer: Imge Urkut

Posted by Imge Urkut

Interior Architect - 3D Designer from Turkey. Feel free to contact me: imgeurkut@gmail.com

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