Small room tailored for a 4-year-old girl to develop her creativity. Inspired Scandinavian Style, peaceful and simple.
Our teamwork making it perfect details like the closet with natural fronts, versatile and practical game table for storing toys, shelves in the form of houses, Montessori bed natural pine, white and grey neutral colors on wall painting for the room look really cozy! 

The plan was to develop a comprehensive project, adapt to space, to improve the quality of life. This project was made specially for a 4 year old girl, Valentina. The goal was to create a playroom, organize the space and toys in a simple form.

I choose natural textures, neutral colors, woody melamine and natural pine perfect for the Scandinavian style.
The inspiration comes after having lived in Denmark for a year, I fully understand the simple, natural and efficient Nordic lifestyle. Since then, I apply this concept in my art, in my designs and in decoration.

More beauty more joy, more simple, more harmony!

People responde in good vibes… the father, Vale, the dog Chawy and my teamwork were connected.
Important to organize your delivery times COORDINATION, SUPERVISION, INSTALLATION.
Everything flows when there is good communication. Clients were so happy and satisfied with the project.
I learned to take things in the best way, being in a good mood attracts good energy!

  • Decorator: Elizabeth Pena


Graphic Designer and Interior Designer speciallist in kids decoration

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  1. Such a sweet project. I’m sure Valentina would love this for many years to come.


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