Hado Centrosa is one of the hottest urban areas in Ho Chi Minh City. It is designed in a modern, cool and airy way in the heart of the bustling city. With the surrounding facilities along with the airy greenery will bring you truly wonderful life and create many opportunities for the future. The apartment is designed in a luxurious and delicate way from Decox Design and has made the owner happy. Here, let’s take a look at some pictures designed for apartments at Hado Centrosa with an area of 134m2!

Overview of Hado Centrosa apartment project 134m2
The investor: Hado Group
Land area: 6.85 hectares
Project function: Apartment
Address: 200, 3/2 tress, Dictrict 10, HCM city
Design style
The modern style in this apartment is focused primarily on functionality, eliminating the procedure furniture and restricting the decoration of striking colors like other guests. This apartment is emphasized by straight, strong and definitive lines, especially using gray and black tones mainly. Decox Design ensures a harmonious layout, alignment and interior selection for each space. Especially, the apartment always receives natural light and ventilation for the apartment.
Living room
Living room is an indispensable place in an apartment, it has almost occupied 70% of important locations. Do you want a beautiful living room? If you have, you must meet the following elements to your apartment more impressive, there is a sofa L-shaped hugging sofa table and come with a carpet soft tune color tones together.
In addition, relaxation chairs cowhide color is also quite unique. In the past, the walls of the house were painted in a simple, but now it has been demolished and more advanced by gray cement fake paints. At the same time, the wall uses wood slat to give the wall a little more effect. If you like, adding a picture of imagination also makes the living room different.
The total space of the home is to use strong colors, personality so the white color of the TV shelf has dispelled the darkness of the living room and equipped with a few more trees to make the air more cool. In general, the living room space is designed and arranged appropriately, impressively and brings modern features into this apartment.

Kitchen room
Because of the apartment’s area of 134m2, the kitchen is also designed spaciously and properly. Arranging the cooking steps quite reasonable and according to the process from the refrigerator – sink – stove, very convenient and not to cause confusion in the kitchen. The cupboard is also designed with full ceiling, so you can be assured of dirt.
Outside of the kitchen, use a wooden panel to make the wall, creating a strange feature for this space. The dining table is set in the middle of the living room and kitchen space, still using gray tones to harmonize with the house.

Bedroom master
Next is the master bedroom, which owns quite a large area in the apartment. Homeowners follow the modern style with a strong personality, so they have used dark gray tones, wooden walls for the headboard or paintings, the tables are also in the same color. In addition, the closet is designed specifically for this room, so it has a modern Europe.
Full of functions and color matching with the main color.
Every nook and cranny in this apartment is designed in a modern, western style and quiet color makes you feel comfortable, relaxed, comfortable in your home space. With these photos, Decox Design hopes to bring you great ideas for the apartment to prepare your design!

  • Interior Designer: Decox Design

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