Standing at the juncture of the two principal seaports for trade along the Marmara Sea, the Yeşilyurt Office Center was designed as a paragon to global business development within one of Istanbul’s most sought-after residential neighborhoods. This ongoing project is one of Quark’s most ambitious and consequential commercial undertakings in terms of its visibility and assured influence on best practices regarding business-centered design.

The design concept Quark generated for the Yeşilyurt Office Center project rests on the following four foundations: creating ad hoc private meeting through the strategic use of hidden doors; facilitating both collaborative and confidential workspaces; using high-quality materials, custom-designed fixtures, and accent-worthy finishes; and nurturing a lively, enterprising atmosphere. Book-matched marble flooring and furniture, as well as back-lit onyx walls used throughout the entirety of the Office Center’s, contribute to aesthetic continuity between both private offices and shared spaces including the lobby, hallways, and conference facilities. In particular, the use of wood veneer and transparent glass strikes a careful balance between complementary and contrasting materials and bestows an upscale, elegant character to Yesilyurt’s most vibrant Office Center.

It’s designed for a private client known as Grand Yavuz Hotels CEO for arranging his private meetings and expanding tourism development.

This imminently modern building is equipped with the latest technological features to facilitate both domestic and international business-both entrepreneurship and administration–all within an exceptionally inviting and stimulating space. At the same time, Quark’s transnationally appealing design incorporates local color schemes with a carefully hand-picked selection of natural and synthetic material in addition to a flexible floor plan. The result is a dynamic space that can adapt to the fast pace and capricious demands of current business practices while maintaining an environment welcoming to local and international professionals alike.

We are responded by a big vast of enthusiastic reactions about the design combination and composition of materials of the Yeşilyurt Office Center project from most of our clients and more important from our social media followers. We learn how important it is being updated about most contemporary materials and furniture.

  • Interior Designer: Quark Studio Architects

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Founded in 2012 by three architects of different cultural backgrounds united by the common passion for architectural and interior design, Quark Studio Architects aim to deliver something more than a traditional design company.

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