The Modern apartment project,is personal project and made for young couple.The apartment location is over the mountain just to forget everything and have more free time for yourself.The idea for interior design was to use the wood on big size to ‘break’ the white & black color. Also the black lines with strict angles made over the wood to give them more interesting.The time that the project took me to finish it,is two weeks.

The plan for the project was to make big apartment for young couple,over the mountain away from everyone and everything.I made it by myself,and the goal was to improve my skills with programs (3ds Max 2015,Vray 3.3 & Photoshop CS5) but and with interior architecture & decoration.

The style is modern that is match more for young couple.The colors are grey,white & black because of the location of apartment that is over the mountain.The more colors are black and white,and the brown color with wood material break the monotony.I tryed to make something uniqe and elegant from design and architecture view.

People love it and that project opened me many ‘doors’.The decoration was the most part that i learned and improved my skills from that work.About tips i have to say that love that you do.If you love it and enjoy it,the result going to be nice by itself.

  • Interior Designer: Georgios Tataridis

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My name is Georgios Tataridis,I live in Netherland and i'm an interior designer. I hold a bachelor of Interior Architecture & Decoration,Institute of Athens. Feel free to contact me..

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