New concept for a simple modern bedroom with a small living area for a comfy and cozy feeling with lots of light coming in from these big windows to give more life for the space .this concept was made for a private client in Kuwait … hope you like it.

this space was originally open to each other, so I decided to have a small partition to cut the room into half, the first half is for the bed area with its nightstand while the second I left it for a cozy L shape sofa with a small TV stand and a small desk.

It was really a messy idea the one the customer brought me … he had few images from the internet for what he thought the best concept for his room … the problem was that these images were very messy and no relationship between them what so ever… So i created this simple modern concept as he said he likes simple modern spaces.

This was my first project with big openings and lots of lights going in through … so it was a bit tricky to get the right color balance and still having the warm feeling of the warm lamps… I guess this project taught me how to deal with the white color in my next renders.

  • Interior Designer: Sinan Alajrad

Posted by Sinan Alajrad

Interior designer located in Kuwait with 8 years of experience.

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