The main room is an open plan apartment. A lot of reflective surfaces, the luxury of finishing materials, expressive texture. Most of the colors used for this living room are neutrals, from greys, browns and beige.

Our task – to dilute beige tones by different textures and materials. But adding a pop of color like the wall piece this living room has, creates interest and charm.

This was an apartment for a young man, the metrosexual. He ordered a comfortable, prestigious, expensive interior with expensive finishes, lacquered surfaces, calm warm colors. The apartment is located in a prestigious area in the center of Kiev. The total area of ​​150 sq.m. It consists of a living room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms.

In working with the a client it is very important to understand his desires, perceptions, to draw his psychological portrait.
In this case, we were right on target. We chose the right style, color and materials. The customer saw the project and approved it on the first try.

We prefer to work in a contemporary style. After we published the project on the Internet, he scored a lot of positive feedback. We understand that many people like the interior with elements of Art Deco. To our surprise, our client was satisfied. We have coped with the task.

  • Interior Designer: Alla Tsoy

Posted by Zhanna Bilotska

Design studio was founded in 2005. Head – Alla Tsoy, a designer. tsoydesign® – is always a unique architectural design, quality and professionalism embodied in life. Philosophy: The best objects appear with full trust and mutual understanding with a customer. Our task is to give a customer’s dream a finished, functional, organic, and stylistically correct form. Style: We managed to find our own style based on key principles: beauty, practicality and functionality. Preference is given to modern classics and elegant eclecticism. The use of modern technologies and innovative solutions in creating both exquisitely chic and at the same time restrained and noble interior.

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