This project is designed for a construction company located in Konya,TURKEY. I wanted to design a project that would appeal to the general public. Because this building will have 40 residences. Project renderings were made in 3ds max program, vray render was taken.

This is a sample residence work. It is for a company, and they want everyone to love this project.
There is a bedroom, 2 living room, 2 bathroom, wc, childroom, kitchen in this residence.
The children’s room can also be used as a guest bedroom for a family without children.

I wanted to design a project in modern style. I hope to be able to cater to everyone with soft colors.
Generally i like Scandinavian style. I might have been inspired by it in some parts of the project.
It is possible to see such effects especially in the children’s bedroom.

People found the project successful. They said they could buy the apartment.
We should pay attention not to conflict with the colors and designs of spaces in the same house.
It is necessary to carefully choose the furnishings for the individuals who will live in the home.

  • Interior Designer: Betül Timsagan


My name is Betül Halime Timsağan and I am an interior designer.I studied interior design at Karadeniz Teknik Üniversitesi (Turkey) and Hochschule Coburg (Germany). I love creating any places, furnitures or industrial products.I find inspiration in anything and everything around me. With every project I seek new concepts, new techniques, and new materials to perfectly compliment that one client and that one space.

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