”Modern Dining Room” is a modern design of a dining room with modern elements like furniture with vibrant colors, in this case in yellow, round mirrors and black windows, but with classic elements like the stone wall and light colors of the secondary walls … Which when combined we formed the so-called “modern dining room”

The plan was to follow a direction of mixing the classic with the modern, mainly highlighting the idea that it is possible to use elements of vibrant colors with elements of more closed colors and with different textures. In this case, the customer liked the yellow color very much, but he also likes the stone texture, and why not combine the two?

The inspiration was the architectural trend of using furniture with vibrant colors in different places in the house.
The idea of ​​using colors is quite old, however, the current architecture has returned in that direction but with even more vibrant colors, bringing the idea of ​​joy and modernity to the room

The experience was unique! And it was possible to learn even more how to use materials so different, but which are possible to be used in a harmonious way. It is always important to seek references and research trends in this beautiful world of design

  • Home Builder: Matheus Avelino

Posted by Matheus Avelino

I´m Matheus Avelino, and I'm looking to take as people to dream what the long-awaited home-sweet-home will be "A picture's worth a thousand words"

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