Redecorating and designing existing interior spaces; keeping main features, playing with textiles and accessories. 
Turning two interior spaces (a living room and a bedroom) into new, better and more intimate ones. in this one turning modern and post modern into Mid-century modern style.

this project was for a subject called “textiles and furnishing” during my college years, the main goal of this project was for the designer to be able to deal with basic existing interior spaces, and to experience how applying different styles on the space would change the atmosphere and how this reflects on the user’s psychological state. this includes leaving the main features as they are, working on color schemes, adding accessories, changing some furniture pieces, materials, lights and upholstery, all within a redesigning plan we’ve prepared.

I’ve always loved combing a little of Paris and Rome with a little of New York, which means combing a little of traditional styles with a bits of contemporary styles, in which to keep the connection between our present-modernity and our traditions. in this case I went for the most suitable: mid-century modern style.

my project was a success, this catalogue succeeded turning basic dull spaces into comfortable, warm, full of life spaces. coming to a conclusion in which choosing the right style, concept, color schemes and materials, would definitely reflect positively on people’s psychological state, therefor their physical state, and their personality.

  • Interior Designer: Lama Qablawi
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Hola! this is Lama Ismail, a fresh graduate with- bachelor degree in Interior Design. I’m passionate about my major, and I look forward to expand my knowledge and discover new things. i’m interested in Spanish literature, I am also interested in gardening and painting, books and friends!

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