Your master bedroom is your actual materialistic comfort zone that you wish you never leave, specifically on Monday mornings, after a tiring day at work outside or even after coming back from a long day shopping or a nightlong party , a master bedroom is where you get the rest needed and to take a break form the outside world, more important to be able to readjust and continue through the days , it’s also where you keep your precious and personal belongings , long story short , a master bedroom should be the crown jewel of the entire home , So let’s see how ” Marwan Hamdi Designs” had to deal with that.

This room was part of project in an apartment located in the city of Madinaty, new Cairo, a new city where everything is being constructed and made of new modern visions, the goal was to create a unique design through the colors and the fabrics and textures used and to get the best out of the space of the room

I think design is more important than style , as design is what makes the whole vision for the place and it’s what we should stick to when working on a project , thus in that room we mixed two styles in a unique way and got them domesticated in one place without distracting each other, it was the mix between modernity and a sleek touch of country style represented in the wood texture in the headboard wall and the aesthetic figure used on the top of the bed to add that country style mood

The people respond to the project was satisfying and encouraging, more over it was a prove that there is major turnout to the new unusual interior design ideas unlike the traditional ones people used to prefer, there is daily progress in the field of design, using bold unusual colors gives a chance to discover new whole moods for the space people didn’t dare to use before, ,therefore , being unique and creative is not an option it’s a must.

  • Interior Designer: Marwan Hamdi
  • Interior Designer: Marwan.H Interior Designs

Posted by Marwan Hamdi

An interior designer who seeks leaving an impact at whatever place i work for and whatever group i'm working with , i believe that creativity in design has no limit and i'm working on bringing out the best of ideas to the light though every project i'm working on

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