(multi used tableau) Used as a tableau wall decor,
used as a decorative unit as a shelf
and used as a dining table
It consists of four pieces of wood that are joined by hinges so we can fold it.
Tableau is a painting printed on paper affixed to wood

The plan of this project was to do something multi-use to find effective and innovative solutions in the field of interior design for the problem of small spaces in addition to doing something that combines functionality and beauty and the work of something simple and inexpensive that can be used in multiple ways and can be folded with ease and currently many people resort to these simple solutions that Provides them with a functional purpose and also provides them with spaces away from the accumulation of objects in the home, and whether the area of the house is large or small, we need some pieces of multi-purpose furniture in the house to provide spaces and reduce the number of pieces of furniture and facilitate the daily life of all individuals

Inspiration has come to me from my imagination and from my previous experiences in the field of interior design and I wanted to do something simple and multi-use and does not take up space and not expensive and therefore I chose that the design is made of wood affixed to it an artboard made of paper and consists of 4 pieces Of wood and they are linked together by making hinges to make it easy to fold it in a simple way. It is used as a decorative piece that hangs on the wall and can be folded and used as decorative shelf

Many people welcomed this idea because they found it an innovative and distinctive idea and it is easy to use and deal with it as it is inexpensive and it combines two basic elements and they are function and beauty at the same time, the society now needs means that provide comfort and ease in everything that I have added to This experience has a lot of knowledge, research, knowledge, and how to reach what society needs from the means that help and facilitate its needs

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