The project is about the combination of strict classical molding with gray color and modern light grey sofa, Blue & orange colors make some of contrast with grey color.
The open kitchen make you feel the larger space. there is mix between the white color and wood.
dining table is fixed to the island to make more space for circulation.

I wanted to create an unusual interior with mixed styles. In this case, you can see the classics, loft and fusion and modern details like gypsum board, furniture, art work & the kitchen
our goals was to make the house more live & decorative with low budget

this style is mix between the elegant and low budget. So many people love this style knowing that make me want to choose this style every time and recommend it to the clients.
the inspiration comes from a lot of great designers.

This is not my first project but it’s my precious project, people just saw it and appreciate it. I want to show people that there is no need to be afraid of classic style inside their houses, We can mix it with the modern style. And it’s not necessary to make everything at home one color.

  • Interior Designer: Stella Studio

Posted by Mahy Aboueldahab

Interior Designer

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