This home office was designed to have the perfect balance between classy and comfortable .
with the range of aesthetically pleasing shades of beige making it more presentable for meetings and creating a productive atmosphere.
and providing good storage space with push-to-open storage unit.

This project was originally made for a family home , where the father needed a quiet and practical space to hold meeting and work .
The client’s request was ” I want it simple yet sophisticated”
I made sure that the design was practical and aesthetically pleasing at the same time .

The colour scheme for the project was mainly beige tones because beiges and warm tones can give any space a luxurious sophisticated feel.
I used brass, wood and tinted glass some greenery in orde to create contrast between the shades.

I would advise designers to always stay creative to get to the level that you want to be!
practice always makes perfect , and most importantly look at as many design as possible .
visual feed is very important in order to come up with your own style.

  • Interior Designer: Amani abdelfattah

Posted by amani abdelfattah

I create visual concepts, by hand or by using computer software, to communicate ideas that inspire ,inform ,or captivate costumers.

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