The nightstand “Plus” consists of a single sliding drawer with white drawer face, tapered legs, and the distinctive “Plus” hand hold cutout. It is made to last from solid walnut with a stunning satin finish. The drawer body is made from solid poplar and connected with a beautiful dovetail joint to create a lovely contrast. The drawer face is painted with a semi-gloss ibis white front and is slightly recessed to blend cleanly with the beveled inside edge. The nightstand “Plus” also features solid legs that are easy to mount, but won’t wear out over time like you see from the flimsy metal mount brackets on so many other mid century style products.

I wanted to create high quality mid-century modern furniture for both my own personal use and to sell. I started with a lot of different concept sketching of various pieces of furniture until I finally settled on a style. From there I continued to refine my concepts digitally until I was finally satisfied with it’s from. I got in touch with a local woodworker and had him bring my creation to life.

I have always loved clean and simple styles, which include minimalism, Scandinavian, and Mid-Century design. I knew I wanted to create top quality pieces so Walnut was my first choice. I went with a white drawer face for a clean, crisp contrast.

Everyone has loved it so far. The craftsmanship from my woodworker is impeccable, I was really pleased with how it turned out.

It is good to always be open to hearing suggestions from your maker/manufacturer. They often can give you tips on better ways to go about construction of your designs that you might not have been aware of. This was certainly the case for mine.

  • Designer: Max Moody Design

Posted by Max Moody

After graduating with a degree in Industrial Design from Auburn University I began my first job as a designer for Play & Park Structures (A Playcore Company) designing playground equipment. On the side I continued my passion for furniture as a hobby, sketching and designing many pieces. I started a partnership with a local woodworker to create my designs and sell them through Max Moody Design.

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