Private holiday house in south of Spain to be designed in a scandinavian style where simplicity and minimalism plays the main role. To achieve the goal and client´s expectations we used light coloured wood as a main decorative element. By adding different kinds of light wooden panels on walls, we created centre points in each room. For the request of our clients we kept the number of furniture to minimum and the colours neutral in earthy tones which has made the space visually larger. Simple and functional was our clients´main desire.

The project was made for a couple living in Belgium. Our clients wanted a holiday house in Spain kept in a scandinavian style, where the beautiful lanscape and sea view plays the main role and furniture are only an accessory.

We chose raw light wood as a decorative element in all the rooms to resemble nordic style as much as possible. We added small elements in black to make the interior a bit more industrial. Rest of the furniture were kept in light neutral colours.

This project, like many previous ones we have done, is another proof that Less is more and simplicity is beautiful! As a house designed only for holiday use, we didn´t need to take care of things like storage space or big functional kitchen. We enjoyed together with the clients to keep the design as minimalistic as possible.

Posted by Sandra Kurasz

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