Private apartment in Kiev, Ukraine. The total area is 89.14 m2. The main task was to create the most convenient and functional space. We managed to visually increase the space of the apartment by combining several functional zones. Using only natural materials, we managed to get a light, comfortable and practical space for life.

The project was designed for a family of three people. The main desires were to create the most simple and functional space in which it is convenient and comfortable to live.We have developed the appropriate functional planning to create all the necessary areas.

We work only in modern stylistics, so we immediately knew in which direction we will move. The vast majority of places to store things are as hidden as possible, which is why the space seems to be not loaded. Using only natural materials and pastel colors, we managed to smooth the calm, restrained home atmosphere that customers wanted to get.

Customers liked our decision, and after realization, on their own example, they were convinced of their convenience and practicality. They were content with the end result and cooperation with us. Thanks to mutual trust, we were able to create a quality space.

  • Architect: Bezmirno

Posted by Bezmirno

Bezmirno is a young, creative and purposeful architectural studio. We don't create design for the sake of design, but comfortable and functional things that will bring pleasure to their owners.

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