girly bedroom design to be more comfortable and cozy ,modern design
palette is pink and grey with gradient of both
material using gold material more appropriate to pink color and white plastic and wood
the concept using more triangle lines in bed and wallpaper and chairs

i was just want more comfortable ,cozy room and also stylish and also girly so i decided to design it
their goal to show more stylish and comfortable designs to bedrooms who love this colors and want something like this

first i choose the idea and it was about girly bedroom so i was thinking the color pallet that can approach to this idea and it was pink and i just found that grey more neutral with pink so i used it with black and white
material was white plastic and white wood and i want some specular and shinning material so i used gold which make perfect match with gold

i think people like it and i’m thankful for that because they love colors and design concept really feedback was very good
not something special but i will always learn and i will always be close to people and try to achieve design that more comfortable and stylish for them

  • Interior Designer: Nehal abd elmageed

Posted by nehal abd elmageed mahmoud

i'am an interior design , i'm working on changing the traditional ideas as finding a solution to make the designs more comfortable and modern by creating new design with new concept

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