Design Aims to deliver an industrial theme spirit and how finance related to industry as the nature of the studio in terms to show a finance media program also not to lose its luxurious impact.
Materials were carefully picked to be a combination between concrete and industrial bricks while adding the conal lighting features and the raw wood material besides adding the luxurious leather sofa added lots of luxury to the space.

The plan was to make a still studio in order to show a finance media program where it should be related to the industrial theme while keeping the space luxurious.
Also colors and combining materials was very important as its nt a residential office but a media set studio which will be recognized by millions of people.

The inspiration came from the strong | direct relation between industry and finance.
When the industrial revolution occurred and its relation with the finance raise also that was a main inspiration to use the industrial theme but also to manage it to deliver the idea of financial studio

Learned much about industrial theme and how to carefully pick materials and furniture that suits the theme.
Definable i learned a new standards and a new color scheme which more related to media cameras and the cameras settings also where to place focal elements and where not and how to deal with the frame camera the main studio element and the background.

  • Interior Designer: Sherif Medhat

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