Design project of Geometrium design studio. Location – Moscow. Floor space – 54,5 m2. Project orderer – mature married couple. Interior style – contemporary.

Our client is a mature married couple. They will live in a flat with a small dog of Chihuahua breed. Sometimes their mature daughter or other relatives and friends will visit them and stay for a night or a week.

Planning concept

Current planning was not suitable with our clients as there was no place for a separate bedroom and combined kitchen – living room – dining room. That’s why we decided to change this planning, that was not easy to approve.

We moved kitchen to the corridor, and instead of it we placed bedroom. In case of problems while approving this, we left bathroom leading-outs from the bedroom side. At the moment of verification we will be able to return kitchen to the bedroom zone. And after, return everything back.

Through this solution we received united kitchen – living room – dining room and separate bedroom, just as clients wanted.
You can enter the bathroom through a small dressing-room, in which there is a laundry. The bathroom space was increased by means of the corridor, at this space we placed shower cabin.

At the entrance there is a built-in two-meter wardrobe for everyday outwear and other things.

On the balcony, that is in bedroom we placed a leisure zone with a bar counter and two chairs. Also there is a drawer unit for storage.
One of the most interesting solutions in this project was a glass partition, which separated bedroom and living room. Clients will live in this flat alone, so this solution won’t pinch their personal space. We foresee special curtain, which can be used when the guests will stay for a night, or simply somebody will want to watch TV in the living room.

From the living room there is an entrance to a small balcony, where you can stand and look at the city.


In the whole flat we used parquet planks for the floor. The ceiling is covered with plaster for further coating.
All the walls are mostly for further painting in different colors and concrete paging. They are reinforced by glass-fiber wrapping material, what will help to avoid cracks in the future, as the building is new and will shrink.

Also for finishing we used old brick tile in a loft style, which looks like a true one.

Floor coating at the balcony, in the kitchen and corridor is ceramic tile imitating concrete. In the bathroom interior we used natural slate, plaster for further coating; on the floor we used tile imitating wood. On the walls we also used concrete-imitating tile. In the shower cabin zone we used slate. There are wooden lathes on the ceiling.

Storage systems

At the entrance there is a module closet of the ordinary sizes. It shouldn’t be order-made, you simply could purchase Pax system in IKEA. At the entrance to the bathroom there is a small dressing-room, on the left there is an ordinary wardrobe, on the right there are washing machine and dryer. There is one more storage system over them.

Under TV set there are different storage systems, where the technics could be placed.

In the kitchen for storage we used top and bottom cabinets.
On the balcony there is a drawer unit with moving-out boxes.


There are several lightening scenarios in the flat.
General lightening is done with the help of built-in lamps and tracking light on guiding rails. Also there are floor-lamp and a wall lamp, which generates zonal dim lightening. Over the dining table there are hanging lamps. In the kitchen zone there is LED strip for illuminating the cooking area.

Color scheme

In the interior we used white color and color of aged brick. Also there is texture of concrete.
Some elements are of warm grey color. Additionally we used black graphic elements, which added contrast to the interior. These are lamps, table-legs, wall lamps, stained glass wall. They set pace in the interior.
For an accent we used green color – plants, stabilized moss.


In the dining room there is a dining table from wood cut on black graphic legs.
We chose bed of a black color to set a contrast and play of colors. Bedsides, cabinets on black metallic legs have wooden tabletops. This we did for interior coinciding with dining room.

Décor and textile

In décor we used plants and stabilized moss over the living room. Stabilized moss doesn’t require special care. It will be always beautiful and green, as the clients wanted.

Pillows on the sofa are with graphical black-and-white and dark-grey pictures. Curtains are Roman, of bright color, blackout.
On the balcony there are roller blinds connected to the window frame.

From the left side of the entrance there is a big picture of a horse, which creates black graphics and is aligned with black door, tracking light and other black elements.
Over the bed there is a big black metallic watch. Picture, which is placed on the floor in the bedroom, is done in a black frame with passe-partout.

In the living room there are bio fireplace and nude carpet.


Planning approval was the main complexity. Planning is enough controversial and is hard to approve, but the client consciously agreed on it, to make interior comfortable.

Project implementation period

3-4 months.

Our clients wanted to have a cozy and comfortable interior with loft elements and a lot of green color. It was important for them to have an entrance hall with storage systems, combined kitchen – living room – dining room with a dining table, sofa and kitchen zone, bathroom with a shower cabin. Also, they necessarily wanted to have separate bedroom and cozy place for guests to stay for a night.

In the flat there are two balconies of different size. On the bigger one we needed to create a leisure zone, where you can sit, talk and drink a coffee.

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