Residential Design Project of Geometrium design studio. Location – Moscow. Floor space – 72. Project orderer – male. Interior style – contemporary eco-style. The project is ordered by a man. Only he will live in this flat on a permanent basis, sometimes his mature daughter will come to visit him. The main interior demands are: bright and cozy flat in a Scandinavian style, closed storage systems, wooden or wood grain stills, ceramic granite or stone floor, wooden tabletop of the cabinetry.

Planning concept

Unwalled raw-space apartment we divided into the following zones:
• Kitchen-dining room-living room.
• Hall.
• Dressing-room combined with the bedroom.
• Guest bathroom with a shower cabin.
• Host bathroom combined with the bedroom.

We accomplished the main client’s request by combining living room, kitchen and dining room into a one big zone. Also, the owner wanted to make the dressing room in the form of passing zone, so that you could enter from the corridor to the bedroom through it. We also accomplished this request. When you enter the flat there is a door on the left, which leads to the dressing-room, serving also as laundry and ironing room.

We made an open bathroom, which is separated from the bedroom only with the help of the glass transparent dividing wall. This we did for the room to look bigger. As well, according to the client request, we did a separate guest sanitary conveniences with a shower cabin.
Balcony in the flat fulfills the role of lounge zone. The client likes to smoke hookah on it, so we foresee a solid intense blow hole.


For adding space to the flat across all rooms we used the same finishing materials – coloring, wood, ceramic granite.
For the floor finishing we used wooden parquet board. This wood color repeats in furniture (wood items, veneer closets, wooden lath in the bedroom). All wooden elements in the flat are of the same color. The only exception is a suar table in the guest zone, which has a deeper tone.

The color of the walls is light gray and white. For the accents we used brick walls in the hall and living room. The walls are opposite each other. When looking at this space at the whole, the solution creates effect that these brick walls have already been in this flat and are not props, but the part of the building.

Also, we used ceramic granite as finishing material. Porcelain tile in the form of combs is used in the kitchen, entrance hall, balcony and both bathrooms. Marbled porcelain tile is used in the bathroom, it adds statusness and expensiveness to the interior.

Storage systems

For this flat we designed and ordered special built-in closets for dressing room and hall. Closets are also in the form of shelf stands. These storage systems are used in the bedroom (built-in closet) and living room (half opened and closed next to TV). To increase the room visually we didn’t use free-standing items in this design project.

Illumination scenarios

General lighting of the flat is displayed by built-in spot light and turning recessed lighting fittings in the living room. In the bathroom, it is used elevation one.

Functional lightening (for special activities) is represented by floor-lamps, lamps over the table and wall lamps in the bedroom.
Decorative lighting is represented by tap lights around the perimeter of the bedroom for creating cozy atmosphere, and also by lighting above and below the wooden lathes what emphasizes their relief and makes them more interesting. As well, there is decorative lighting in the hall. It illuminates and emphasizes the brick wall.

Color layout

We had a task to create light neutral interior without color accents, mainly from natural materials. Also, client likes plants, so he asked to add them to interior.

The overall flat gamma is bright with wood and greenery in the interior. There are light white and gray walls, pale tile, and white cloudy marble.

For accents, we used brick and black color. Brick walls were used to dilute monotone interior and add the dynamics to it. The black color is repeated in the rooms locally for setting the contrast in the interior. Besides we used metal in this project, it was latten and chrome.


The furniture in the interior is soft, simple and of laconic forms, made of natural materials (grey fabric and leather). There is a leather bed in the bedroom.

In the interior, we used popular designer lamps, floor-lamp, dining-table made from exotic suara wood, Wishbon chairs, armchair… In the living room, there are poofs from merino wool. They look like cobblestones and suit the interior as eco-style elements. Besides there are a lot of greenery and plants according to client request.

Storage systems are veneer white.

Decoration and textile

The flat textile is sole-colored without live elements. We used gray and beige neutral tones. The curtains are from gray-beige sackcloth, the sofa has light gray upholstery material.


The whole project realization term is approximately 5-6 months.


Complexities may occur during the process, they may be linked to maintenance of all sizes. But in case of following them, problems won’t occur.

The main interior demands are: bright and cozy flat in a Scandinavian style, closed storage systems, wooden or wood grain stills, ceramic granite or stone floor, wooden tabletop of the cabinetry.

Presence of the guest bathroom is important. Also, the client wanted to have entry to the host bathroom from his bedroom.
The apartment should have climate control and smart house systems, with help of which the owner could control lightening scenarios and the whole flat power cut off (except refrigerator), also it should be possible to turn off the light from the bed in the bedroom.

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