The design of this restaurant was conceived as combining elements characteristic of different elements of the Earth. Different halls of the restaurant symbolize sea and land, masculine and feminine principles, a harmonious combination of the things different in nature.
The color scheme for different spaces is selected in such way that guests have clear associations with the zones of the nature reflected in the interiors.
In the design of this restaurant were used the most modern design solutions and materials.

The main idea of the design was to create not only a beautiful interior of the restaurant , a good kitchen, but also an opportunity for guests to “visually explore” the interior. It is also important for visitors to enjoy interesting interior solutions and techniques.
The main hall is divided into zones in which, without disturbing each other, can sit the companies of different age, number and preferences: there are big banquet tables, cozy zones of secluded semicircular sofas or zone chill-out for companies that want to make noise and have fun. There are small tables for two. In the VIP lounges there is an opportunity to work quietly at the computer or have a drink, comfortably sitting in the bar.

The interior should use modern materials that are environmentally friendly with high fire resistance. Wood, glass, epoxy resin products can be used.
The interior should use modern materials that are environmentally friendly with high fire resistance. Wood, glass, epoxy resin products can be used.
I was inspired to create the restaurant’s interior by photographs of the Earth’s surfaces. Textures of natural materials: stone, marble, wood. The interior of the restaurant will trace the theme of the elements of the planet Earth. Smooth lines, rounded and streamlined shapes will be used in the main hall, imitating the elements of water and air currents. The color scheme of the Main Hall will be dominated by white with accent shades of blue, blue and beige, sending the imagination to the seaside or resembling the movement of air currents in the sky.
In the VIP area, on the other hand, straight lines, broken shapes, wood veneers, shades of brown and grassy colors, which will also resemble the texture of earth, stone and mountain peaks, will be used.
Thus, the guest will be able to choose a suitable environment for himself, depending on his mood and the event that he intends to celebrate in the restaurant.
The interior will use a lot of fabrics, hidden lights and interesting solutions that demonstrate all the charm of natural materials and the beauty of our planet.

All the experts who saw or took part in the development of the engineering networks for this restaurant highly appreciated the design idea and decorative techniques used in the restaurant halls. People really liked the idea of decorating the restaurant in the style of the zones of our beautiful planet. Thus, you can not only interest people in good food and a pleasant environment, but also draw their attention to the environmental problem.

  • Interior Designer: Marina Bodren (Studio MB Design PRO)
  • Architect: Marina Bodren (Studio MB Design PRO)
  • Decorator: Marina Bodren (Studio MB Design PRO)

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