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Education: International School of Design (Russian Federation), Rhodec International School (United Kingdom). Work experience: more than 10 years.

Stone veneer. Gray harmony.

This interior presents spaces of the bedroom combined with bathroom. As the solution of design of these rooms are used a mixture of minimalistic style with classic details. Calm, natural colors promote rest and relaxation. Beautiful and expressive stone veneer...

/ December 16, 2020

Restaurant TERRA

The design of this restaurant was conceived as combining elements characteristic of different elements of the Earth. Different halls of the restaurant symbolize sea and land, masculine and feminine principles, a harmonious combination of the things different in nature. The...

/ August 29, 2020

Indian Jewelry Box

Greetings, friends! When a good mood and positive energy “take” my hands into their own hands i’m able to create unusual and very beautiful things! I present to your attention my new chic project: Indian Jewelry Box. Can you imagine...

/ August 3, 2020

The wooden house in a chalet style.

I created this project for people who wants to live in harmony with nature. For the people who dreames to live in an environmentally friendly and comfortable home. Large windows allow you to dissolve in nature and live in comfort...

/ July 15, 2020

Black room, pink sofa, peonies and the bulldog picture

The project turned out to be unusual because of the successful combination of strict classical stucco molding (of a very serious gray color) and frivolous pink sofa, pink bricks on the wall in the hallway and quite funny picture with...

/ June 14, 2020

Beautiful italian kitchen in the white living room

Elegant kitchen FACTORY of Italian manufacturer Aster Cucine set the tone for the entire interior of the dining room in the private house. The main color was chosen white for the best presentation design of the kitchen set. Orange accents...

/ May 24, 2020