The project it´s for a teenager who has been looking for the ideal bedroom. I made these proposal which includes natural ilumitation so he can interact with the exterior, the furniture it´s relaxed and with basic forms. Hope you like it!

It was a practice from school fom 2 semester and the purpose was to create one comfortable bedroom, the room of our dreams, initially the space was created for me, so I took the dimensions of my actuall room and some of the things that I would like to have

I choose colors that can reflect the light, so the space can feel bigger, I think about all the students that have to take their classes in their rooms, so I try to solve some of the problems about that and also thats one of my favorite color (turquoise)

I really focus in the dimensions between the furniture, so the user can move around the room without problems, I try to think further not just the basic things so I think I made a really good ambientation, also the ambientation make more realistic every kind of project, because the viewer can feel the space in a different way

  • Interior Designer: alberto flores

Posted by Alberto Flores

I´m an architecture student, from México, I really like to post all of my work because it´s a fantastic way to improve, I hope you like my work :)

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