Simulation Redistribution of Command Control Office at Council’s Building.
clarify the shape of the office after the changes with a commitment to the vacuum, cost savings and limited change,and make the void suitable for the nature of the work.
Based on the Design given and the Furniture chosen.
i make a 2 options for the same space by changing the place and direction of the furniture and adding a new element in every space.

The plan described is to clarify the space to the customer after modifying it and changing it from function to anthor one to suit the nature of the work .
The work is provided to the company supplying materials and furniture.

the chose of the style comes by selected items and furniture with client which suits the function of space, chosen material by searching for a ballet that fits the functional dignity of emptiness, dealing and overall proportionality.
The main element of space is the Operator Console Because it’s the special element used in the new space.
we made 2 options ,every space has its own direction and style of furniture by show the client the different way we can make his space suits his vision.

yup, Some architects and designers responded to the project with positive responses to the project and others are development exercises such as resetting some of the material and Camera location to show the greatest amount of space.
But all the comments were encouraging and preliminary to more work.

  • Interior Designer: mariam fayek

Posted by mariam fayek aziz

I always thought about Architecture is not about math and it's not about zoning ,it's abot those visceral,emotional connections that we feel to the places we occupy. Interested in Architecture field especially Visualization & BIM Field & Interior Design. Started as a Junior Designer, have passion for Developing my design skills. and got some experience by Site “Construction”. have a Freelancing works to develop my 'Visualization eyes'

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