A loft-style studio is almost always a great idea.The loft style is an architectural trend in the design of interiors of the XX-XXI centuries, for which residential or office space is created by re-equipping attic premises, industrial zone buildings (abandoned due to higher rental prices in the city center of factories, factories, warehouses ).

A loft-style studio is almost always a great idea. The simplicity and functionality of the direction helps to competently organize any space.Of course, if we are talking about the loft style, then we immediately remember the brick wall – an integral part of this style.

When choosing black accents for the decoration of a particular room, it is important to remember that he can make a spacious room more interesting and charismatic.
Details in the interior, as well as in design in general, are what gives charm, defines style and makes all things expressive. Sometimes it is enough to place accents on certain details, as the whole interior comes to life, acquires its own individual face, mood.

The ability to mark the details, to make the final touches is a real art. Designers know this. All stylish interiors are “made” with accessories. Backlights, color spots, paintings, napkins, flowers, beautiful trinkets, sculptures and small plastic give the interior comfort, warmth and, at the same time, reflect the sophistication of your taste.

  • Interior Designer: Nigar Mehdizade

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I am an interior designer.The philosophy of my work as a private interior designer is harmony ... harmony of form, color, as well as harmony of future life in this interior for a specific person, family ...

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