Sleep should be flowing like a calm water. The bed itself have several features such as comfy pillows, soft headboards, and fragrant fresh linen sheets. Made to perfection and ultimate comfort.

In Frame: B&B Italia Husk Bed, with a bottle of wine.
“Bere vino prima di dormire”

This was an initiative project, it started from a surreal images of furniture and interior space in general. I chose 3 Italian brands that have beds in their collection that considered luxurious and finest design. It was made for myself to please my vision as interior designer and as an surreal art enthusiast by excising my digital rendering skills and composition skill. Never been made a literal moodboard deck, but i kept it in my mind all the time with a lot of exploration materials and forms.

Italian design styles for me is different than other European design. They put finest extensive material and humble yet glamorous forms to their designs. Their bed frames are slim and yet rigid in the same time, the inner bed frame also in streamlined design, and the headboards are soft too.

A side table to pair with the bed, a solid, low, and wide side table to balance with the lightness of the overall form of the bed.

Not much respond from this project yet, being featured in this site is greatest respond so far, very grateful. I do learn compositions and mostly digital rendering settings. I should explore more of the engine and material settings.

Tips: correct your perspective, sometimes too much distortion ruin your composition.

  • Interior Designer: Anugrah Dwi Prasetyo

Posted by A. Dwi Prasetyo

Graduated from an art and design school. Stu(died) interior design, Pras enjoys scientific thought about life and how designs are made. Interested in Architecture - Interior Design, Product Design, and Environmental Graphic Design. A foodie, amateur photographer, a pc gamer, and a stupid wanderer

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