This is my concept of a simple yet elegant design for a private villa in Kuwait.
I have always loved the idea of having large windows with big amount of sunlight illuminating the space.
Big windows must have big balconies … and that was my concept.

The project was for a Private client in Kuwait but the house itself is located in Serbia.
It was an old rustic place the owner bought for a small amount of money and needed to redecorate it with an elegant attractive good looking yet relaxing design.

The whole concept was driven from the idea of having too much sunlight with simple yet classy furniture and details , so i figured what better than white wood can be used for the space !
Based on that i chose the white wood cladding for the walls with blueish paints and white ceiling with some cove lights

It was one of my best project so far since it had a very good feedback from both my surroundings and the client.
Even on the social media the responses and the comments were very encouraging and positive.
If there was anything I have learned through this project it surely would be that ” Never do big windows without balconies”

Posted by Sinan Alajrad

Interior designer located in Kuwait with 8 years of experience.

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