This is an eco-sustainable tiny house that can be transported by lorry.
Dimentions: 8,45 x 2,9 m (332 x 114 in)
It can be used as holiday retreat or home away from home. It features all necessary equipment and areas to comfortably sustain two people constantly living in it for 2-3 weeks using only electricity as one and only connected communication. The rest of communications are off-grid.

Originaly, this was the project for the open competition organized by JSC “Ryterna modul”. Task was to design a tiny house based on modular construction with a footprint of no more than 25 sq. m and can be used all year round.
Tiny house is designed as temporary home for two adults, providing comfortable living almost off-grid for 2-3 weeks, featuring only electricity which will be connected to the grid. There are 4 zones within the house: kitchen&dining, sanitary room, sleeping area with a portable bed, so it can be turned to a living/working area during the day.

The building has a simple rectangular volume. It has 2 glass insolation parts (window and an entry door).
Tiny house is heated by airconditioning and provided with clean and black water tanks, composting toilet, sink, shower.
It is constructed from wooden panel walls and wooden loadbearing frame, only bottom part is made of metal.
It is designed to be transportable (crane lifting points are implemnted) so it can be situated in any landscape. That’s why we tried to make it’s appearance as simplistic as possible, so it won’t bring any distraction to environment. In our opinion, black wooden planks of it’s exterior fabric will be perfect for that role, reconditioning the ground with natural elements.
While exterior appearance is dark and muted, interior space is bright with light plywood as the covering for walls, floor and ceiling.

Our team of two people really enjoyed the design process and we learned how by using ergonomic dimentions even a small space can be comfortable for living.
So, relax and enjoy life’s simlpe pleasures during holiday retreat in tiny house, in the place you chose – crowdy or ascetic.
Because we need so litte to be happy. And notice the beautiful creation around you.

  • Architect: Oksana Zadybchuk
  • Architect: Sophie Gissovska

Posted by Sophie Gissovska

I'm a young architect and interior designer from Ukraine. I truly believe that quality of space people are daily in tremendously impact their mood and even behavior. That's why architecture is so valuable and should be taken responsibly.

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