A production of the industrial design trend.
Creating a comfortable bedroom space with the identity of the fast pace life we live.
Merging steel, veneer & plain upholstery fabric for the furniture and the use of warm lights and concrete putty finish for the walls as well as oak floors.

The project is a trial to enhance modeling as well as rendering abilities using the industrial style of design for hospitality and residential projects aiding for creating different design ideas.
It aims for studio apartments for single bachelors in the big city.

The main concept of design came from the modern style using metal and concrete and combining it with the warmth of veneered items and upholstery linen plain fabrics to reflect the life of the big concrete jungle cities as fast paced as it is.

the project is well received on social media but it need more tuning and more detailed items shots to enhance the scope of work as well as the post production for the idea, but in general it is well received as a trial.

  • Interior Designer: Moamen ElShazly

Posted by Moamen Elshazly

Architect, interior designer

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