Wedge chair is a lounge furniture inspired by brilliantly designed objects that commonly exist in life but with little people’s attention. The structure is assembled and locked by using a 3d printed wedge behind the back as the main joint.

Easy to assemble
During my academic and working years, I am used to moving from one place to another. But moving furniture can be troublesome because it was either too bulky to move or too complex to take it apart and re-assemble. Therefore, I perceived this idea that the furniture is easy to build and transport.

Cultural elements
I started this project from looking at brilliantly designed objects that commonly exist in life but people barely notice it. My main inspiration came from the wedge shape commonly used as a door stopper or wood joint. As for overall proportion and gesture, I referred to the extended eaves derived from traditional Taiwanese architecture. My goal was to incorporate these elements and use the wedge as a new approach to construct a chair both elegantly and ergonomically.

3d Printed Wedge Joint
The structure is fixed and reinforced by a wedge-shaped joint behind the back, which is built as a hollow form with multiple ribs connected to the core in order to use fewer materials yet keep the rigidity. I choose 3D printed elastic plastic as the material rather than wood for stronger flexibility and durability.
Using 3D printed elastic plastic allowed me to have the capability to break the chair down and assemble it as many times as I want. Sometimes during moving user might lose parts. Now with the assist pf 3D printing technique, users can print out their wedge joint from the online database with precise dimension and customized color.

Posted by Ya-Lun Lee

Ya-Lun is a Brooklyn-based designer originally from Taiwan whose design experience includes electronics, houseware, hand-tools, and furniture. His design pursues a creative approach that incorporates both rational and aesthetic thinking.

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